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Academy Registration

*** This form is for first time registration to the academy.
This form includes your athlete's liability forms. The payment for registration covers your first two months of academy membership.

Liability Form​



I                                       parent/guardian of (List All Applicable Athletes)

                                                         understand the risk involved in soccer.  Therefore, any soccer related injury I cannot hold Future Soccer Stars Soccer Club and/or the facility accountable.  

I agree to assume all risks and expenses due to an injury that may occur as a result of my child’s involvement in soccer practices, games, sessions and/or travel to and from said activities.  


I agree to hold Future Soccer Stars Soccer Club or anyone acting on its behalf either as a coach, a coaching assistant, facility, or administrator harmless in the event of an injury to my child while participating under the supervision of the above.

Media Release

At Future Soccer Stars Soccer Club we strive to be a club like no other. We accomplish this through an interactive portal for all parents, players, and coaches to utilize. This will show the development of all athletes from when they start to where they are now. Establishing a standard for all players to strive to achieve. This provides a fun experience for players to see their growth and participate in giveaways and fun challenges. These giveaways will be but not limited to Orlando City/Pride tickets, soccer balls, jerseys, and various other giveaways through our sponsors. This will be a platform where every player will feel like a professional soccer player by seeing their highlights and being highlighted as player of the month.


Finally, it will give parents full access to many photos and videos of their kids playing the sport they love. Signing this form allows Future Soccer Stars Soccer Club permission to post photos and videos of your young athlete showcasing their skills and achievements.  

We are glad to have you as part of the Stars Academy family!
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