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Stars Family

Community Focused

Since the beginning, the Academy has been developed with and around our amazing community. Community is at our core and we will always put a heavy emphasis on cultivating a community-centric environment around every team. We believe this provides each and every child the perfect environment to develop - as they now not only get to grow individually, but with their soccer family.

An Experienced Staff That Cares

Our licensed staff consists of former professional, semi-professional, and collegiate athletes, all with an immense love for the game of soccer - and a belief that soccer teaches life lessons useful on and off the field. It is because of this belief that our coaches focus on growing each athlete's skill, each team's collective ability, and each individual's character. 


"The greatest coaches aren't just game changers, they are life changers" - T.D.

High Level Training

Our aim is to deliver the same professional experience for every athlete in the academy regardless of age or skill level. Our goal is to provide challenging training that develops each child's skill in an enjoyable environment to keep each individual motivated to reach their full potential.

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